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ID cards in Indiana

Indiana offers a non-driver identification card for residents who are unwilling or unable to obtain a driver's license. You should consider applying for an IN state identification (ID) card if you are an Indiana resident without a driver's license but need identification to prove your age, identity or residency.

REAL ID Requirements in Indiana

The Indiana BMV complies with theREAL ID Act of 2005, which means it providesfirst-time driver's license applicantsswindlerREAL ID compatible driving license. REAL ID driver's licenses meet federal identification requirements for tasks such as entering federal buildings and boarding domestic commercial flights.

new candidates willautomatically receive a REAL ID. (Options differ forreformsyreplacements.) For more details, visit the BMV'sguide to REAL ID licenses.

Indiana ID Card Eligibility Requirements

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) issuesID REALfor residents who do not wish to carry a driver's license. There isNOTMinimum age requirement to obtain an Indiana ID card.

You guyscan nothave an Indiana ID card and driver's licenseat the same time.

If you are interested in applying for an Indiana driver's license, please read our pages onapply for an adult driver's license,apply for a teen driver's license, and takingdriver education.

Applying for an Indiana ID Card

You must visit oneEM Subsidiary BMVto request yourIndiana REAL ID. You guyscan notapply for an IN state ID cardin line,for phoneomail. All new customers and non-citizen applicants applying for an Indiana ID card for the first time will berequiredto request a REAL ID.

O AND BMV phasesNOTaccept appointments for original Indiana id card orders. You will have to wait in line, so check theSuggested times to visit the BMV.

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When applying for an ID card in Indiana, you must show proof of:

  • Identity(1 document), such as:
    • US birth certificate.
    • WE.Passport.
  • Social Security number(1 document), including:
    • Social security card.
    • W-2 form.
    • Form SSA-1099 or No. SSA-1099.
  • Status legal(1 document), such as:
    • Birth certificate (originalocertified copyon file with a US office of vital statistics).
      • If you were born in Puerto Rico, you must present a birth certificate issued on or after July 1, 2010.
    • Valid US passport or US passport card
    • Naturalization document issued by the United States.
  • residence in americana(2 documents), such as:
    • Current insurance policy (auto, life or liability).
    • Indiana Certificate of Title.
    • Computer-generated utility bill (electricity, phone, cable, etc.).
      • USE: If it's low18 years old andcan notprovide proof of residency, you must bring someone to:
        • Sign a residence declaration.
        • Show a valid IN driver's license or ID card.
        • To provide:
          • 2 documents that prove your identity.
          • 2 documents to prove Indiana residency.
  • I payfor the registration fee. See the "IN state ID card fees" below for information on accepted fees and payment methods.

IN BMV provides complete lists of acceptable documents to prove youridentity,Social Security number,Status legal, youresidence.

USE: IN BMV only accepts documents that areoriginalocertified copies. If you are having difficulty getting your documents together, please contact the IN BMV directly for further assistance.

IN BMV will issue a provisional credential in person. Your new Indiana REAL ID card will be mailed to you within 14 days.

The foreigners

The Indiana ID card application process is the same for foreign nationals. The Indiana BMV requires you to bring specific informationoriginaldocuments to a local BMV branch to apply for an Indiana ID card.

For information aboutacceptable documents for foreign citizens, visite aSite do Indiana BMV.

IN state ID card fees

BMV Indiana ID Card Fees (novo,renovated,updated,replacement) vary depending on your age and eligibility to vote.

  • $ 9.
  • An ID card showing you are eligible to vote in the next election – free.

Indiana BMV branches accept the following payment methods for transactions madein person:

  • Cash.
  • Visa or MasterCard (credit or debit cards).
  • Checks (nominal to “BMV”):
    • Personal (single-party).
    • Payment orders.
    • Administrative checks.
    • certified box.
    • Corporate company.

Foronline transactions, IN BMV accepts payment from:

  • Electronic check.
  • Visa or MasterCard (credit or debit cards).

Renew your Indiana ID card

Your Indiana ID card is valid for 6 years at a time.

You May Be Eligible to Renew Your Indiana ID Cardin lineoin personin youlocal BMV office. If you have already obtained your Indiana REAL ID card, you will not need to bring all of your original documents with you when you renew.

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USE: BMV IN allows you to renew your state identity card up to 2 years before it expires. Whoever is in a legal situation (temporary or definitive) may renew up to 30 days before its expiration date.

Online Indiana ID Card Renewal

To be eligible to renew your IN state ID card online,you must meet the following requirements:

  • Are you a U.S. citizen.
  • It has beenno changein your name, address, etc.
  • Your ID card isless than180 days after expiration.
  • Your renewal date isno more than2 years away
  • IN BMV has his previous photograph on file.
  • Your BMV registration does notnothave 3, 7 or 9 constraints.
  • You donotplans to change from onedefault id to a REAL id.
    • You MUST apply for a REAL ID in person.

After determining your eligibility, visit theBMV online renewal portal. During this process, be prepared to enter your:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Indiana home address.
  • Social Security number.

renewal in person

When you renew your Indiana IDin personin youlocal BMV office, you will be asked to apply for an Indiana REAL ID card.

For specific instructions on how to apply for an IN state identification card, please read the "Applying for an Indiana ID Card"previous section.

if you lost yourindiana id cardand you do not have it with you when you renew in person, you will need to provide proof of identity of thelist of acceptable identification documents.

For information on how much it will cost to renew your Indiana ID, see the "IN ID card fees"previous section.

US military and veterans identification

US Veteran Designation

Indiana BMV allows you to add a veteran indicator to your IN state identification card during new applications or renewal transactions. You will need to visit yourfilial local do Indiana BMVybring proof of discharge or separation(dishonorable dismissals are not accepted).

This service is free for US military veterans. However, there is a $9 fee to add the veteran indicator if your Indiana ID card isvalidynot yet eligible for renewal.

US Military ID Renewal/Replacement

If your Indiana ID card expires while you are stationed out of state, you may qualify forreneworeplace it online. This also applies to military spouses and/or dependents.

Online Renewal/Replacement

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If your name and address haveno changes(and completed your last renewal in person), you canrenewoto replaceyour Indiana ID card online.

  • First, you will need to create amyBMV online account.
  • The online system will ask for yourIndiana ID Card Number, aPostal Codeof their legal domicile and, finally,4 digits of your Social Security number.

USE: You can also apply for a 30-day extension or provisional credential. Just fill out aProvisional/extended license application(Form 54580) and return it to the address specified on the form.

On-site renewal/replacement

Upon returning to Indiana, you can apply for a renewal or replacementin personat a local Indiana BMV office and submit the following:

  • a chainmilitary identity(relieves you of any delinquent charges).
  • identity proof.
  • Testdischargeopost-implementation.
  • Required payment.
  • See the "IN ID card fees"previous section.

USE: If you are in the military, your Indiana ID card will remain valid for 90 days after you are discharged from duty. If you arenoteligible for online Indiana ID card renewal, you can print amilitary extension letterto load with your expired IN state identification card.

Replace Your Indiana ID Card

You can apply for a replacement Indiana ID cardin lineoin personin youBMV local subsidiaryoffice. If you are replacing a standard ID card WITHOUT switching to a REAL ID, youmust renew in person.

online replacement

To be eligible to replace your Indiana ID card online, you will need tovisit the myBMV portaland meet the following requirements:

  • Be an American citizen.
  • Fullno changein your name, address, etc.
  • Your ID card isnotTime's up.
  • IN BMV has his previous photograph on file.
  • Your BMV registration does notnothave 3, 7 or 9 constraints.
  • You donotplans to switch from a standard ID card to a REAL ID.

The IN BMV website will ask you to create a new myBMV account.

Be prepared to provide yourIndiana ID Card Number, aPostal Codeof your legal address and the last 4 digits of yourSocial Security number.

For more information, you can visit ourReplacing a Lost License in Indianapage.

On-site replacement

If you have a standard Indiana ID card, you can apply for a replacementin personon aFilial local do BMV. However, the IN BMV will encourage you toapply for an Indiana REAL ID card.

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To apply for a replacement Indiana ID card, you will need to provide proof of identity from the list ofacceptable identification documents, in addition to all other documentation required in the application process described above. Be sure to bring originals or certified copies of your documents.

For information on how much it will cost to replace your Indiana ID card, see the "IN ID card fees"previous section.

Change the name/address on your ID card

Change your name in Indiana

You must notify yourFilial local do BMV in personwithin 30 days of the name change. You guyscan notchange your name on your Indiana ID cardin lineoby post.

USE: You will first need to change your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA) as the BMV checks Social Security records.

To change your name on your IN state identification card, go to your local BMV office with your existing ID andteach youryoulegal proofof your name change:

  • Wedding certificate.
  • Divorce certificate.
  • Court order.
  • Modified birth certificate (gender change).
  • Signed and dated statement from your physician indicating a sex change.

For more information, read our page onChange your name in Indiana.

Change your IN address

The Indiana BMV requires that you notify them of your change of legal residence or mailing address within 30 days of the change. You can notify the Indiana BMV of your new addressin lineono persona. You maynotchange your addressby post.

USE:Notify IN BMV of your change of addresschange your records only with the IN BMV. If you would like a replacement IN identification card that shows your new address, you will need to apply for a replacement. See the "Replace Your Indiana ID Card" above for more information.

In line

To change your IndianaShipping Addressonline, visit the IN state BMVonline address change system. You mayONLYupdate yourlegal home addressin person.

You will need to provide your:

(Video) HOW to Get State ID Card in America as a New Immigrant

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Indiana home address.
  • Social Security number.

In person

To change your IndianalegaloShipping Addressin person at the local BMV branch,you must provide:

  • Your Social Security number.
  • 2 documents proving residency in Indiana.

For more information, read our page onChange your address in Indiana.


How do I get a new Indiana ID online? ›

To apply, you should visit the local BMV branch office where they handle applications for Indiana ID's and SecureID's. Applications may not be filled online, by phone, or through the mail.

What documents do you need to get a state ID? ›

card, most state DMVs require the following:
  • A completed application form.
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship.
  • Proof of state residency.
  • Your Social Security Number.
  • Having your thumb- or fingerprints taken.
  • Having your picture taken.
  • Paying a small fee.
Feb 1, 2023

How do I replace my lost ID in Indiana? ›

If you lose your Indiana driver's license, you can get a replacement either online or in person, and you'll have to pay a $9 fee. If you're replacing it online, be sure to create an online account with

How long does it take to get a new ID in Indiana? ›

Your permanent identification card will arrive at your mailing address within 14 days, provided there are no issues with your application or documentation. If there are issues with your application or documentation, you will be contacted by a BMV representative.

Is there an online form of ID? ›

The safe way to prove your identity and age – online and in person.

What is required for new ID card? ›

Presence of applicant. Original CNIC of parent/blood relative/grandparent. Biometric witness of any CNIC holder along with affidavit and interview to satisfy case officer. Attested CNICF (Computerized Identity Card Form).

What is acceptable proof of address? ›

What counts as proof of address? Most utility bills, credit card statements, and lease agreements are acceptable proof of address for more institutions.

How do I get a state ID in Indiana? ›

To obtain a Real ID, Hoosiers must visit a BMV branch and provide the following documentation from each of the below categories:
  1. Proof of Identity. ONE proof of identity is required. ...
  2. Proof of a Change in Name, Date of Birth, or Gender. ...
  3. Proof of Lawful Status. ...
  4. Proof of Social Security. ...
  5. Proof of Indiana Residency.

How do I replace my lost ID card? ›

You can apply for a replacement by:
  1. Completing Form BI-9 as well if you have not previously submitted your fingerprints.
  2. Attaching additional documents as required (e.g. a marriage certificate if you are married)
  3. Paying the required fee for the re-issue.

How much is a duplicate ID in Indiana? ›

Replacement Fee Schedule
46 more rows

What is proof of residency Indiana? ›

The most common documents (must be printed) proving your Indiana residency include: Computer-generated bill from a utility company, credit card company, doctor, or hospital, issued within 60 days of the date you visit a BMV branch, and containing your name and address of residence. Bank statement. Pre-printed pay stub.

How long do IDS last in Indiana? ›

Six years if you are 74 years or under in age. Three years if you are 75 - 84 years of age. Two years if you are 85 years of age or older.

What does the real ID look like in Indiana? ›

A Real ID is indicated by a star in the upper right corner of the driver's license, permit or ID card.

What is the fastest form of ID I can get? ›

One of the easiest ways to get a government-approved photo ID card is through your local post office. A post office ID card can be used in all states, as it is a legal form of identification throughout the US.

Can you use birth certificate as ID? ›

Birth certificates are not evidence of identity, and are easily obtained. Although certificates issued at the time of birth may give more confidence that it belongs to the individual, unlike a recently issued certificate, they will not show if any information has been corrected or superseded by a new registration.

Where can one apply for ID card? ›

The RedCard credit application is on the website. You must verify your employment and income, review terms, and create a pin. You may be approved to shop online instantly, or you may have to wait for seven to ten days to get your card, depending on if Target approves you automatically.

What is an example of 2 forms of ID? ›

Photo Identification

State identification (ID) card. Driver license. US passport or passport card.

Which of the following would not be considered a valid form of ID? ›

The following documents are not sufficient to verify identity: Social Security card. Birth certificate. Bank card (even if it includes the cardholder's photo)

How do I get a state ID? ›

How to Apply for an ID Card
  1. Provide your social security number (SSN).
  2. Verify your identity with an acceptable identity document. ...
  3. Present acceptable residency documents (if you have never had a California DL/ID card).
  4. Pay the nonrefundable application fee (see below for information about reduced- and no-fee ID cards).

How do I get a new lost ID? ›

If your ID book has been lost, stolen or damaged.
You can apply for a replacement by:
  1. Completing Form BI-9 as well if you have not previously submitted your fingerprints.
  2. Attaching additional documents as required (e.g. a marriage certificate if you are married)
  3. Paying the required fee for the re-issue.

What counts as proof of residency? ›

Acceptable documents providing proof of residence include:

Utility bills in joint names are permissible* Local authority tax bill valid for the current year**


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